12 Remedies You Probably Didn’t Know About How to Lose Weight in One Month at Home

12 Remedies You Probably Didn’t Know About How to Lose Weight in One Month at HomeSound mind rests with in sound body! This statement is not over rated. How do you feel about yourself, how do you carry out tasks to achieve goals or how do you find solutions to any problem greatly depends on how much work you have done to keep a healthy balance and routine for your body.

Obesity, overweight, or whatever name you want to associate with it is one of the biggest health problems people are facing. The reason could be the kind of diet, nature of work or the lazy lifestyle. Sometimes because of our routines we are unable to follow a proper schedule of working out. Sparing time and money for gym is a whole other story. Here we have discussed the natural ways to reduce weight without using any equipment or medicine.

With the improved advertisement feature on our social media platforms, we sometimes get hit straight into our weakness. One of the targeted groups is hit by weight loss treatments. Now these companies claim that you can lose certain amount of weight in just one month.

What else I want? Especially when the first date, or wedding, or reunion, or an audition, or any other major event is also just around the corner. What else could be a better choice than this? But considering a healthy weight loss plan, allopathic way to reduce weight is not always a right choice to make. And even though when you have natural home remedies available for this solution.

Before proceeding further, it would be good to have simple understanding of the weight loss process and the changes in your body at macro and micro level. Fat is one of the primary energy sources, along with proteins and carbohydrates. Calorie is the unit of body’s energy present in fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Whenever you consume anything, your body follows series of processes to convert the ingested nutrients into usable energy form which is used to perform work.

Now the remaining, unused energy will be stored away. So the main principle of weight loss is to consume right amount of calories that can be used to their fullest. If you take in more calories than you are using then your body tend to store the extra fat. Working out, components in homemade remedies to lose weight draws on stored fat into convert it into usable energy form. These remedies shrink the fat cells. This doesn’t mean these shrink by magic. These are converted into liquid form and are excreted with urine. Some components just give you the sense of fulfillment and prevent you from binging. Thus maintaining the calories required in balance with the use. This was the basic process how the weight is lost.

1.Lemon Juice:

When life gives you lemons make lemonade out of it for weight loss, glowing skin and for healthy metabolism. The point is that lemon is one of the key ingredients for different home remedies. It not only improves digestion but is also helps in detoxification. Healthy metabolism and proper digestion ensures weight loss by breaking down fat and absorbing the right nutrients.

Lemon Juice – 3 teaspoons
Honey – 1 teaspoon
Black pepper ­­– 1/4 teaspoon (freshly ground)
Warm Water – 1 glass


Mix all the ingredients in one glass of warm water. Drink it 3 times a day to gain faster results of weight loss in just one month.

2.Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is the hope for many who believe in home remedies for ant problem. Whether its obesity, skin care, or healthy diet. Aloe Vera causes metabolic stimulation, by converting mobilizing the stored fat in body and to convert into usable energy form. It then increases the energy consumption.  Natural collagen proteins constitute one of the key components in Aloe Vera. These proteins make it hard for body to absorb proteins which ends up detoxification from digestive system and colon.

Aloe Vera leaves- 2 freshly cut
Orange/ Grape fruit juice – 1 cup


Peel Aloe Vera leaves and get the pulp out with the help of spoon. Blend the pulp with one glass of citrus juice for 2-3 minutes. Drink daily empty stomach for a month for weight loss. Glowing skin is bonus.

3.Cinnamon Tea:

Your blood sugar level determines your weight as it affects your hunger and energy. Balanced blood sugar level will disproportionate your appetite which means your body will use all the available extra fat to convert it into usable energy instead of storing it. Cinnamon will help you maintain your blood sugar level leading to controlled appetite, using stored fat for energy and eventually weight loss in a month if the intake is proper and in routine.

Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon (ground)
Cinnamon stick – 1
Fresh water – 2 cups


Take 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon or 1 stick in cup. Add boiling water. Mix it for 15 minutes. You can add sugar to taste. Drinking it for 1-2 times daily will help to lose weight in a month.

4.Rose Water:

Based on anecdotal evidence, rose petal water has also helped a lot of people in weight loss. It acts as a diuretic, which means it makes kidneys to add more sodium salts in urine. Because of the high concentration of salts on your urine it will absorb more water from your blood, eventually decreasing the amount of water. This is not a permanent solution but this habit will encourage you more to drink water and thus keeping your system free of toxins and hydrated. Staying hydrated contribute to a great deal in weight loss.

Rose petals – Handful (Fresh/Dried)
Water – 1-2 cups
Pot with air tight lid


Add rose petals in a pot containing water. Tighten up the lid and boil it for 15-205 minutes, until petals lose most of their color. Strain the mixture into a jar and refrigerate it to cool it down. You can use this for 6 days. However is advised not to store it more than that. Drink 1- ½ cup daily with empty stomach daily to see the results of weigh loss in a month.

5.Yogurt + Honey:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why it is important to be healthy and full of nutrients yet low in calories. Plain yogurt and honey may sound a boring breakfast for you but the probiotics present in yogurt makes it no less than a magic meal. These probiotics stimulates proper digestion of substances and along with honey which smoothes the digestive tract and satisfies the cravings. Proper digestion and stimulated metabolism ensures the production of right amount of energy and prevents extra fat to store in body.

Yogurt (non flavored) – 1- ½ cup
Organic honey- To taste


Have this for breakfast; you can also add this as a snack in your diet. You can also add calculated amount of calories in form of fruits and oat. 

6.Unsweetened coffee:

Weight loss especially when the target is just one month. There are a lot of things which you need to cut off from your diet. But there is good news for coffee lovers. Coffee is not only your favorite beverage and keep you focused; it also is a very healthy beverage in terms of antioxidants and many other useful compounds. It increases energy levels by burning the calories eventually leading to weight loss. Black coffee can prove to be one of the best home remedies for weight loss since it gives the feeling of being full, reduce your appetite with almost no calories. But make sure consumption of too much coffee can affect your health too. It can just be taken in addition to other home remedies for weight loss.

7.Cayenne Pepper:

Everything is nice with some spice. That’s why the next home made remedy for weight loss is the use of cayenne pepper. It contains capsaicin which stimulates metabolism and convert stored fat into usable energy. Addition to proper metabolism it ensures proper digestion and controls the excess appetite which may be because of the poor absorption of nutrients.

Cayenne pepper- 1/10th of teaspoon
Lemon-  ½
Water – 2 cups


Add a pinch of cayenne powder in cup and pour boiling water over it. Squeeze lemon juice in mixture and mix well. Drink this tea regularly to see effective weight loss in a month.


Reducing weight in month requires a lot of dedication and commitment with your body and diet. The results you’ll get after wards are worth to adopt this routine for. Apart from the recommended weight loss beverages and teas, we recommend you to replace your high calorie lunch with fruit salads.

In addition to other fruits, try to incorporate papaya in your diet. Papaya hold the capability to reduce fats also gives the feeling of fulfillment.

9.Chew Gum:

Another way to reduce your weight is to trick your brain and stomach with a chewing gum. The flavor of the gum keeps reducing appetite and numbs the urge to eat. Saliva stimulation release enzymes which break down starches and fats. So whenever you feel on binging, just pop in a chewing gum.


We have all heard the story of Jack and magical beans, and how these helped him to achieve his dreams in a very short duration. These beans are equally magical for those who are willing to lose weight with simple home remedies. The surprising part with the beans is that more you eat, the more you likely to lose weight. Beans lower the cholesterol; reduce appetite since they take some time to digest and thus supporting the weight loss process. Incorporation of boiled beans in your regular diet in form of salads is a great meal for your daily weight loss diet.

Beans- 1 cup
Water – 3 cups


Boil beans in 3 cups of water, that the liquid level is only few inches above beans. Begin with bringing water till it boils. Then leave it to simmer by covering the lid partially. Make sure to skim off the formed foam (if any) and continue it to simmer for one and a half hour until beans are tender. Now you can add these to any salad you want and enjoy while on the diet to lose weight.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Which is also applicable in case of obesity, since obesity eventually leads to number of diseases and diseases get you doctor’s appointment. So we can rephrase it by saying that an apple a day keeps the weight at-bay. Apple is not a pool of nutrients like other fruits but it surely contributes to weight loss because of its fibrous pulp, which help to control your appetite as well as regulates your blood sugar level. As discussed earlier, the blood sugar levels determine the amount of the dietary products you’ll be churning on. It also contains low sodium levels in it, which helps in preventing excess water reabsorption and thus contributing in controlling water weight.

1-2 fresh apples


Rinse apples properly. Slice it or eat as whole. It is recommended to eat with skin on, since it is rich in fiber and helps in curbing the appetite.


We are always in a rush and sometimes stress and anxiety are the additional appetizers life serve us. But the appetizers like stress and anxiety have damaging effects of our bodies, including the weight loss or weight gain problem. Under stressful conditions, body releases a steroid named Cortisol which in return disturbs the blood sugar levels, which eventually also disturb our appetites. Disturbance in appetite either results in binging or loss of appetite completely, both of which are very dangerous to health.  Sage helps to against stressful conditions and anxiety disorders.  Incorporating the sage in diet will lower the stress thus controlling and regulating the appetite to normal.

Dried sage- 2 teaspoon
Boiling water- 2 cups
Lemon drops – To taste


Put sage in cup and pour boiling water over it and steep it for 4-5 minutes. Strain the mixture. Add lemon as you desired. Drink twice a day.

The general perception and the health trainers are of the opinion that there are only two hard and fast rules for weight loss, Regular exercise and proper diet. But at the same time these are the mostly looked over by people who are willing to lose weight but cannot adopt this lifestyle because of their lifestyle or may be the lazy nature. In addition to these home remedies the proper diet chart and regular work out is what helps you gain your ultimate goal of weight loss in one month. But at the same time different people have different body types.

It is not necessary that one thing that works for another person possibly works for you too. There are a lot of factors (for example gender, age, genetic makeup etc) which are taken in account while working for losing weight. It’s important to consult your doctor before starting on to any treatment for weight loss.


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